Call Center Agents Private Hire/taxi Industry


The Orion Call Centre is based in Bahria Town Islamabad Pakistan, and aims to provide training and help manage their services to aid and assist the Private hire/Taxi industry based in the UK and Ireland, answering booking requests on their behalf.

It is our primary duty and fundamental responsibility to train and prepare operators to utilise the Companies preferred Booking and dispatch systems, Business telephone systems, and handle job-related technicality in a professional manner.

We currently take calls on behalf of over 36 companies from over 1000 drivers to 15 drivers based in The UK and Ireland with over 135 staff.

Recruitment & Training

1.    The staff selection is arranged by our team so we provide you with several candidates that you can interview over the phone and when you are happy with the candidates, then we will start the training. The training duration will normally be around 10 days, if the operator learns and performs well during this period, he/she will be allowed to take live calls under the Company’s supervision.


2.    The Customer holds absolute privileges of deciding whether operators are qualified to be

hired or not.

3.    If the Company decides the member of staff is acceptable, the Call Centre will hire the operator on a 3-months’ probation period, then after 3 months offer a permanent contract to the operator.