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STREAMLINE your operational cost, BUT not your STANDARD.

ORiON is a Pakistan-based Business Resource Centre.
We have purpose-built facilities in Bahria Town, Islamabad, and provide dedicated staff for your business.
With over 150 staff working for companies around the world, we offer a fully secure and GDPR-compliant environment, as well as dedicated space for your company.
We have multiple internet and power backups to ensure that your operations are never interrupted.

VoIP Phone System
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VoIP Phone System

Our perks

Your Dedicated Staff​

Inbound Call Centre

Dedicated Spaces

Dedicated workstations with premier call centre amenities.

Fluent English Speaking

Trained and experienced operators with excellent English fluency

24/7 Shift Covering

Serving your clients with devotion, responsive attention 24 hours a day

We do things
OUR USP revolves around the word DEDICATION.
-Dedicated Orioneers
-Dedicated Cabins
-Dedicated Quality Control
-Dedicated Training Workshops
Each and every client that comes to us, works differently. So by incorporating our dedication into everything we do, the way our clients choose to work is always elevated. It’s why we’re proud to be different.
Our Brands
Software Development Agency
Telecoms and IT Solutions
Accounting Software

Simple and Flexible Solutions for Your Business

Welcome to The Orion Business Resource Centre

From Planning, Recruiting, Training to Delivery, we provide unbeatable outsourcing services which are not only cost effective but surpass the average UK skillset.

24/7 Operations

In today's business world, it's more important than ever to have a competitive edge. One way to gain an edge is by capturing more new business by working around the clock.

Premier customer service

Improved customer service by providing high quality of services. With the help of our professionals, you can get instant reply to your calls and around the clock assistance for your customers

Pay as you grow

Add more staff to your team instantly, without having to go through the hassle of advertising, interviewing, and training

Freedom to focus on your core business.

Our professional and experienced team will handle all your calls according to your business requirements, 24/7. This way, you can focus on what's important - running your business
Client Testimonials
Very good software service, always on time and the staff are really nice and easy to talk to. will definitely use them again and I recommend that everybody else does too.
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Emma wilson
- customer
I absolutely LOVE the Call Center Services, they never fail to let me down and are always there when I need them! They're FAB! Great prices and a brilliant service!
Picture of the author
Emily Jayne
- customer
Ive outsourced my call center to Orion for over 2 years now and they have been nothing but perfect. They are always on time and always deliver a great service. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a call center service.
Picture of the author
Graciano Luvunga
- customer