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The STORY of
It all started 7 Years ago with our first few clients and a skeleton crew of staff with one vision …
To make outsourcing a more transparent, open and integral part of common business payroll structure. This small team would later become our trusty Orioneer Managers commanding over 200 colleagues for over 50 clients in the UK and Europe.
We quickly realised that our clients love our dedicated staff, workspaces and personalised training systems so therefore this is exactly what we continue to offer, a dedicated outsourcing solution.

In 2022, we recognized that our colleagues didn’t like the term “Customer Service Representative” so, we created our Orioneer Project to advance our colleagues to the next level of customer support. They are part of the Orion BRC family, working towards the common goal of ensuring that humans are always on the other end of the line to assist with the best customer service they can deliver.
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