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The SUPPORT, brain and
beating heart of ORION BRC
Our Orioneers IT department powers our centre. They keep our operation running smoothly without fail. They can also help your business too.

From onboarding clients to troubleshooting IT issues, our team strive to implement the best support structure in the outsourcing industry. We know that sometimes, your tech doesn’t always play ball, which is why it is so important that we provide you with a trusty team that you will soon love to depend and rely upon.

By choosing to outsource your operation to us, you then have our support team whenever you require them.
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Our Operation and Our Dedicated Promise to you

Welcome to The Orion Business Resource Centre.

From Planning, Recruiting, Training to Delivery, we provide unbeatable outsourcing services which are not only cost effective but surpass the average UK skillset.

24/7 Support Guaranteed
IT Support and advice Via Teams Meetings, whenever you need us
Internet Power backups implemented so you are never offline
Full onboarding support optimization
Web design, creation and optimization available
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